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you're going inside my head!!!!

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hey everyone my names Olivia, and if you want to know more just friend me!

eros and psyche picture created by blackeri you can see her art here http://blackeri.deviantart.com/

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a cinderella story, adam pascal, aida, aim, aladdin, aladdin/jasmine, aly and aj, animated icons, army wives, ashley tisdale, australia, azlan, bagels, banners, basketball, beaters, beautiful thing, bloodties, board games, books, boy, brave new girl, britney spears, broadway, camp brainbusters, candy land, celine dion, cell phones, chad micheal murry, chicken, choreography, christina aguilera, colorbars, costumes, csi, disney mania, disney musicals, dramoine, dreamgirls, drew fuller, earings, ecu, editing, er, eyeshadow, family, fashion, flip flops, fred and george weasley, friends, gabriella montez, gavin degra, ghost hunters, ghost stories, ghosts, glitter, good kissing, graphics, grease, grilled cheese, harry potter, haunted places, hauntings, headers, hermione granger, high school musical, hilary duff, hot guys, hp fan fic, hsm2, icon collecting, icons, jesse mccartney, jewelery, kiss fm, latterdays, launch cast, letters, library's, liquid eyeliner, logo, long hair, love, lucas grabeel, meg cabot, mexico, modjeska, monapoly, mood themes, movies, music, musicals, my computer, narnia, peter pan, photos, puerto rico, radio, rent, rings, ron weasly, ryan evans, sandals, sci-fi, scott neal, shane west, shoes, soda, soluna, spirits, stars, stationary, sunglasses, sweaters, sweatshirts, t-shirts, tank tops, teddy bears, telephone calls, texas, the chronicles of narnia, the covenant, the jonas brothers, the quest for camelot, theatre, traveling, troy bolton, vampires, vanessa anne hudgens, wicca, yim, youtube, zac efron

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